We are not the same: A Change in direction.

It’s the truth, and that’s ok. What a boring place the world would be if we were all the same! I’ve been planner obsessed for as long as I can remember. I have memories as far back as elementary school of buying planners with birthday and Christmas money. I’ve said it before – it’s the only non living thing that I have a true passion for.  If I had to give a reason why I have such a strange obsession, I don’t think I could give a good one. Maybe it’s because I love paper…maybe because I like writing things by hand…maybe because no matter how chaotic things might seem, you can make it look neat, orderly and in control in your planner.

Though my love for paper planning systems runs deep, there has always been an elephant in my planner love room. No matter how much I loved my planner du jour, there was always something missing. A blank spot where it shouldn’t be, a box overfull because there wasn’t enough room, or a complicated “system” that I established to attempt to make the planner work just right for me. Which is exactly why I turned to making my own planner inserts. They are perfect. No blank spots or over flowing boxes. It’s just the right color and just the right size.

For Me. 

My inserts are perfect to me because I designed them specifically with myself in mind, and that is why they work. So why would I try to take something that works for me and sell it to you? That doesn’t seem right. That seems like I’m just doing what every other planner maker out there does; putting a price tag on a pretty product and sending out to the masses with nothing more than a “Thanks for buying – Good Luck!”

I’ve got a long line of rebel in me, I don’t like to follow the well beaten path, I don’t like to do something just because everyone else is and I’m a stubborn perfectionist that is prideful to a fault.

So I just can’t sell you these inserts.

Why? Because I don’t want my inserts to just end up in a box on your shelf along all the other inserts, and planners you have purchased in hopes of making them work to fit your needs.

If we are going to do something, it’s going to be done right, and that is why we are going to make a sharp left turn and change the direction of Prim & Parchment.

We will be making, 100% custom inserts for you to purchase. We will work with you to create the perfect insert for your planner. The perfect layout, perfect colors, printed to the perfect size, on the perfect paper, with the perfect amount of holes. a Perfect Prim Planner for YOU. 

I’m not trying to be the next Franklin Covey. I’m just a busy mom with a unique “gift” of organization and time management skills that I want to use to help others with. I don’t want to just ship off some inserts and say “good luck, see ya later!” I want you to feel empowered, and RELIEVED that you finally have something that works. Something that works well enough that you can quit spending all your time on planning how to plan and start taking action on your already mind numbingly long to do list.

So with all of that being said…stay tuned, the shop will still be opening this weekend, it will just look a little different than planned. And because I appreciate the love I have received from all of you about the inserts in my planner, I would like to share the printable version with you. These are designed to fit A5 sized paper, you might have to do some tinkering with your printer to get it all to line up just right, but they are free for the taking if you would like to add them to your current planner. Enjoy ❤

Prim 9.17.13 010

Enjoy ❤

The MOMager


When people hear the word “MOMager” they instantly think of wide eyed, fame crazed, stage moms, living vivariously through the talents of their offspring. However, when I say “MOMager” I think something completely different. I think of the mom sitting in the carpool lane running through that mental to do list:

“Ok we have to get straight home and get homework done, Kid1 has Cheer at 4:30, Kid2 has soccer at 5 – call OtherMom1 to make sure she is taking Kid2 – Husband has late meeting but will pick up kid2 from soccer. Don’t forget to pull the chicken out to thaw. Oh! remember to call the pedi about the babies 6 month check up and ask him about that one thing…and RSVP to birthday party on Saturday, let them know we might be late…can kid2 come as well? don’t forget a present, the kids don’t have anything you can regift….and wow. I seriously need a hair appt….”

I don’t care if you have 1 kid or 10, once you hit the point in life where your little minions have a schedule of their own, outside of “eat, sleep, play” you are now, what I call, a MOMager.

You MOMage the scheduling

You MOMage the logistics

You MOMage uniform pick up, cleaning, folding, and some how MOMage to find the perfect hairbow to match kid2’s Magic Unicorn Rainbow Ponies Soccer uniform!

You MOMage dinner (even if its from a box in the freezer….)

You MOMage doctors, dentists, specialist, tutors, coaches, teachers, and every other type of individual that requires an appointment for their time.

YOU MOMage it all.

So that is why I created the MOMager Planner Inserts.

ImageThese inserts have everything you need to know to MOMage your band of misfits, your home, and yourself. Spread out as a Week on 2 Pages layout, you are able to write in appointment times for each family member as well as plan your menu for the week, list your To Do’s and errands to run and track who you need to contact.

ImageOh, wait, so your kids arn’t named Samantha, Skylar and Asher? ha! Silly me! Well lucky for you, the MOMager Inserts are completely customizable at no extra charge. Don’t have a family of 5? leave a couple boxes blank, or assign a box to your daily chore, or as a place to keep track of your daily spending and bills.


Do you keep your menu planning elsewhere? That’s fine! You can also customize the headings of all 4 note blocks; Change them to fit the needs of you and your family.

Of course, these inserts come printed front and back, in full color, sized and punched to fit your planner on the paper of your choosing.

Don’t know which paper is right for you? We are happy to send you a sample of our paper choices free of charge so you can make sure you are making the best decision for your planner needs.

Want some MOMager Inserts for your planner? Check the shop!



Prim Prizes!

Win all these lovely Prim goodies!!!

Win all these lovely Prim goodies!!!

Welcome to the first Prim & Parchment Giveaway!
I’m pretty sure you need this stuff in  your life. Its no longer just a matter of want…
you NEED it.

This awesomness includes:
The 2013 Deluxe Prim Trial Pack which includes October-December 2013 Week on 2 Pages Deluxe Inserts, October – December 2013 Month on 2 Pages Deluxe Inserts & 30 Undated Day Per Page inserts in Luxe Prim Paper, sized and punched to fit your planner.
1 of each of our Extras pages including: Notes, Websites, Friends, Fun, Wishlists, Stamps, Ink test, & Money Inserts
A full set of Staedtler fine liner pens
A block of black post it notes
Plus lots of little fun bits for your Perfect Prim Planner!


1. Like and share the giveaway photo on Instagram with #PrimPrize
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3. Wait patiently for the winner to be announced!

The Contest will close at Midnight (CST) Tuesday, September 24, 2013 and the winner will be announced On Wednesday, September 25, 2013 then contacted by email!


Prim Planners Month on Two Pages

Month on 2 Pages Signature Line

Month on 2 Pages Signature Line


Sometimes you just need to see your entire month laid out for you so you can figure out just how crazy things are going to be in the upcoming weeks.

Prim & Parchment MO2P A5 - SignatureThe Prim & Parchment Month on 2 pages is perfect for exactly that. Big open boxes with nothing more than a little number in the corner to note the date. Plenty of room to write out practice schedules, birthday parties, and school sponsored “dress like your favorite baseball player with crazy socks and green hair” days…

MO2P A5 R - SignatureWith a schedule that runs Monday – Sunday your weekends are kept together in neat blocks and there is an extra column to the side to add notes.

Extra Inserts A5 - Signature

Go for the Deluxe Month on 2 pages and you really end up with 4 pages to do your planning. Starting your month off with a blank page to list all of your goals and aspirations.

Lined note page signature A5


And end your month with more note paper to use for journaling funny things your kids said, special events that happened this month, or as a place to keep track of those middle of the night brilliant ideas. Its a blank page, it can be anything and everything you want it to be.

If that seems like way too much paper for you, simply stick with the Month On 2 Pages Simple inserts and you’ll get that same 2 page per month spread copied back and front. A whole year of planning in 12, clean white pages.

As always, these inserts come sized and punch to fit your specific planner needs on the paper of your choosing…not sure which paper is best for you? We will happily send you samples of all 4 Prim Papers so you can make the best choice for you.

Want to add these pages to your insert collection? Check out our shop



Prim Papers – What’s the difference?

Prim Planners are available in 4 different types of paper

Prim Planners are available in 4 different types of paper

All Prim Planner inserts can come in one of 4 different Prim Paper types.

Why All the choices? Well, because, just like some days need more paper than others, some inserts require more lush paper than others. Some people want to be able to use inky porous tipped pens…others just want to use a plain black ball point. There are so many options because there are so many people with so many different needs and uses. Which one is best for you?

Pen Tests Front

Pen Tests Front

I tested all 4 of the papers with some of the more popular pens on the market right now, including the Papermate Flair, Ink Joy roller ball, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, Sharpie no bleed pen, Foray Stylemark, Le Pen, Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent, Hi-Tec-C Maica, Frixion .7 and an essenti soft highlighter with 2 passes over the text (writen in the black Maica)

Prim Paper Pen Test Backs

Prim Paper Pen Test Backs

As you can see, the bleed through, shadowing, and imprinting varies greatly from page to page and ink to ink.

Our Luxe Paper is a 65lb, bright white, cardstock

Luxe Pen Test Front

Luxe Pen Test Front

Though a thicker, more bulky paper for inside a planner…

Luxe Pen Test Back

Luxe Pen Test Back

This would be the ideal choice for anyone with a strong aversion to bleed through and shadowing. Its the ideal paper type for planners that double as a decorative space. The luxe papers hold up to stamping, highlighting, and all porous tip pens. Even the sharpie ultra fine permanent markers can be used on this paper with minimal bleed through.

Our Standard Paper is a 28lb, 100% bright white bond paper

Standard Paper Pen Test Front

Standard Paper Pen Test Front

The ideal paper for planners, it adds no bulk, has a lush creamy finish, allows ink color to jump off the page with brightness

Standard Paper Pen Test Back

Standard Paper Pen Test Back

And stands up to all porous tip pens with no bleed through and little shadowing.

The Slim paper is made of a 20lb, 96% bright white bond paper

Slim Paper Pen Test Front

Slim Paper Pen Test Front

This paper is ideal for smaller planners, those looking for a more economical insert or for planner stuffers that want to get as many pages as possible between their rings.

Slim Paper Pen Test Back

Slim Paper Pen Test Back

As you can see the slim papers do not hold up as well to most porous pen types and leave considerable shadowing, but if you are a plain black pen writer, this just might be the paper for you!

Want to add some color to your time management? Try the Color Paper Inserts. 20lb pastel bond paper in 5 shades (Pink, yellow, goldenrod, green & blue)

Colored Paper Pen Test Front

Colored Paper Pen Test Front

Perfect for brightening your pages if you are a non color coder!

Colored Paper Pen Test Back

Colored Paper Pen Test Back

Though the colored paper does not stand up as well as the others to the porous tip pens, it is another ideal choice for a plain black pen, and roller ball pen lover. (Colored paper inserts can come in whatever combination or single shade you would like)

But the thing is, a picture can only show so much. So that is why I invite you to take a sample of your own if you think a Prim Planner Insert is right for you. Simply fill out the form below with your address and we will ship you, free of charge, a sample slip of each type of paper. Look at it…feel it…test your pens on it…then you can decide exactly which paper is right for you.

Prim Planners – The Signature Line Undated Day Per Page

Undated Day Per PageSometimes I can’t decide if I’m right brained or left brained. Some days I’m all about letting my creative juices flow and allowing the chips to fall where they may…and other days I need rigid militant structure to get through. That’s why I created the undated day per page insert.

Undated DPP A5 - Signature

Signature Line Undated Day Per Page

Not dating the daily pages allows me to use them as needed. I can use them every single day, or I can use them only when I want to without feeling like I am falling behind, or wasting paper when I don’t use every single day in a full dated day per page pack.

Undated Day Per Page Timeline

Undated Day Per Page Timeline

I can easily see how my day is going to unfold with the hourly timeline. This allows me to see at a glance where I might have empty pockets of time, or, have jammed up my day and need to request back up!

Undated Day Per Page Todo, Notes & Meals Column

Undated Day Per Page Todo, Notes & Meals Column

On the right side of the page, I am able to list my to dos, notes and menu plans for the day.

Undated Day Per Pages are printed Front and back

Undated Day Per Pages are printed Front and back

The Undated Day Per Page comes printed in color, front and back, on standard paper. 50 sheets per package (100 days total)

Also Available in:

  • Luxe
  • Colored (all lines and fonts are printed in gray scale)
  • Slim

Customization Options

  • Time slots can be altered to accommodate a different time range – you cannot add additional time blocks to the timeline.
  • All field titles on right bar can be altered to fit your needs
  • Field titles can be added or removed to right bar – no additional blocks can be added to the right bar.

Want some for yourself? Check the shop 🙂


Prim Planners – The Signature Line Week on 2 Pages

Prim & Parchment Signature Week on 2 Pages

Prim & Parchment Signature Week on 2 Pages

 The Prim & Parchment Signature Line Planner is my heart printed front and back on creamy thick 65lb bright white card stock paper.

WO2P A5 - Signature

Left Side, of the open weekly spread.

A weekly layout that runs from Monday – Sunday with an open space at the beginning of your week to add important reminders, thoughts, or notes. A new motivational quote will greet you at the start of each week to inspire you to be the best you can be.

WO2P A5 right - Signature

Right side of weekly open spread

A dated spread with evenly spaced, unlined days allowing complete customization on your part. A light blue dotted line separates your days in half to add structure to your weekly planning.

Prim & Parchment Week on 2 pages Signature Deluxe, "This Week" page

Prim & Parchment Week on 2 pages Signature Deluxe, “This Week” page

Need more structure for your week? The Deluxe Week on 2 Pages spread has you covered. This design gives you 2 full front and back pages for planning each week.

Get your week in order before it even starts with the Deluxe Week on 2 pages layout

Get your week in order before it even starts with the Deluxe Week on 2 pages layout

Start your week off with everything in order in the Deluxe Week on Two Pages. Located on the front side of your open layout spread, this page allows you to plan your meals for the week and make note of to do’s, reminders and people to contact.

Lined note page signature A5

A lined page at the end of your spread has plenty of room for extra notes and lists.

There is ample room to write at the end of your Deluxe Week on Two Pages layout. This note page can be used for a grocery list, meeting notes, diary space, or whatever you need it to be … it’s your planner, and your in control.

Both the Standard and the Deluxe Week on 2 Pages run from January 2014 – December 2014 and will be shipped directly to you printed and punched to fit the binder of your choosing.


Want one of your very own? Check out the Prim Shop here:


Prim Planners – Whats it all about…

Undated Day Per Page

To call myself a planner fiend is almost an understatement. My love for paper calendars, agendas, notebooks, and “systems” goes to my core. Its the only thing that I can say I am truly passionate about that doesn’t have a beating pulse. The types, styles, ranges and systems I’ve used over the years are countless (let’s also not count the pennies spent on all of that…) As I explored the vast world of planning & time management tools I came to a few conclusions:

  • I must put pen to paper, I simply cannot be managed by technology.
  • I need something that looks pretty….but not too pretty.
  • I need fields to organize my thoughts, but I don’t want to feel like I am filling out a form or an application every time I sit down to plan.
  • I need something that is editable and customizable. I want to add and delete pages at will and switch up my layout whenever I feel like I need a fresh planner start.
  • I need paper that isn’t going to make me want to cry every time I turn to the next page and see massive bleed marks sullying what should be my fresh, clean, page.
  • I need it to be whatever size I want at that moment. Sometimes life needs a lot of paper, sometimes it doesn’t.

Once I accepted these terms I started my search for the perfect planner that fit each and every one of those needs…because I’m an all or nothing kind of girl so if it couldn’t check all the boxes on my list, it just wasn’t going to work. As my search went on, I noticed something…I could get a beautiful planning binder, but the inserts weren’t up to snuff; or, I could find the perfect inserts but I just couldn’t stand the binder. So I did what every control freak perfectionist does, I made my own.

 and that is how Prim & Parchment went from a dream in the back of my head to reality on paper.