The MOMager


When people hear the word “MOMager” they instantly think of wide eyed, fame crazed, stage moms, living vivariously through the talents of their offspring. However, when I say “MOMager” I think something completely different. I think of the mom sitting in the carpool lane running through that mental to do list:

“Ok we have to get straight home and get homework done, Kid1 has Cheer at 4:30, Kid2 has soccer at 5 – call OtherMom1 to make sure she is taking Kid2 – Husband has late meeting but will pick up kid2 from soccer. Don’t forget to pull the chicken out to thaw. Oh! remember to call the pedi about the babies 6 month check up and ask him about that one thing…and RSVP to birthday party on Saturday, let them know we might be late…can kid2 come as well? don’t forget a present, the kids don’t have anything you can regift….and wow. I seriously need a hair appt….”

I don’t care if you have 1 kid or 10, once you hit the point in life where your little minions have a schedule of their own, outside of “eat, sleep, play” you are now, what I call, a MOMager.

You MOMage the scheduling

You MOMage the logistics

You MOMage uniform pick up, cleaning, folding, and some how MOMage to find the perfect hairbow to match kid2’s Magic Unicorn Rainbow Ponies Soccer uniform!

You MOMage dinner (even if its from a box in the freezer….)

You MOMage doctors, dentists, specialist, tutors, coaches, teachers, and every other type of individual that requires an appointment for their time.

YOU MOMage it all.

So that is why I created the MOMager Planner Inserts.

ImageThese inserts have everything you need to know to MOMage your band of misfits, your home, and yourself. Spread out as a Week on 2 Pages layout, you are able to write in appointment times for each family member as well as plan your menu for the week, list your To Do’s and errands to run and track who you need to contact.

ImageOh, wait, so your kids arn’t named Samantha, Skylar and Asher? ha! Silly me! Well lucky for you, the MOMager Inserts are completely customizable at no extra charge. Don’t have a family of 5? leave a couple boxes blank, or assign a box to your daily chore, or as a place to keep track of your daily spending and bills.


Do you keep your menu planning elsewhere? That’s fine! You can also customize the headings of all 4 note blocks; Change them to fit the needs of you and your family.

Of course, these inserts come printed front and back, in full color, sized and punched to fit your planner on the paper of your choosing.

Don’t know which paper is right for you? We are happy to send you a sample of our paper choices free of charge so you can make sure you are making the best decision for your planner needs.

Want some MOMager Inserts for your planner? Check the shop!




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