Prim Planners Month on Two Pages

Month on 2 Pages Signature Line

Month on 2 Pages Signature Line


Sometimes you just need to see your entire month laid out for you so you can figure out just how crazy things are going to be in the upcoming weeks.

Prim & Parchment MO2P A5 - SignatureThe Prim & Parchment Month on 2 pages is perfect for exactly that. Big open boxes with nothing more than a little number in the corner to note the date. Plenty of room to write out practice schedules, birthday parties, and school sponsored “dress like your favorite baseball player with crazy socks and green hair” days…

MO2P A5 R - SignatureWith a schedule that runs Monday – Sunday your weekends are kept together in neat blocks and there is an extra column to the side to add notes.

Extra Inserts A5 - Signature

Go for the Deluxe Month on 2 pages and you really end up with 4 pages to do your planning. Starting your month off with a blank page to list all of your goals and aspirations.

Lined note page signature A5


And end your month with more note paper to use for journaling funny things your kids said, special events that happened this month, or as a place to keep track of those middle of the night brilliant ideas. Its a blank page, it can be anything and everything you want it to be.

If that seems like way too much paper for you, simply stick with the Month On 2 Pages Simple inserts and you’ll get that same 2 page per month spread copied back and front. A whole year of planning in 12, clean white pages.

As always, these inserts come sized and punch to fit your specific planner needs on the paper of your choosing…not sure which paper is best for you? We will happily send you samples of all 4 Prim Papers so you can make the best choice for you.

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