Prim Planners – Whats it all about…

Undated Day Per Page

To call myself a planner fiend is almost an understatement. My love for paper calendars, agendas, notebooks, and “systems” goes to my core. Its the only thing that I can say I am truly passionate about that doesn’t have a beating pulse. The types, styles, ranges and systems I’ve used over the years are countless (let’s also not count the pennies spent on all of that…) As I explored the vast world of planning & time management tools I came to a few conclusions:

  • I must put pen to paper, I simply cannot be managed by technology.
  • I need something that looks pretty….but not too pretty.
  • I need fields to organize my thoughts, but I don’t want to feel like I am filling out a form or an application every time I sit down to plan.
  • I need something that is editable and customizable. I want to add and delete pages at will and switch up my layout whenever I feel like I need a fresh planner start.
  • I need paper that isn’t going to make me want to cry every time I turn to the next page and see massive bleed marks sullying what should be my fresh, clean, page.
  • I need it to be whatever size I want at that moment. Sometimes life needs a lot of paper, sometimes it doesn’t.

Once I accepted these terms I started my search for the perfect planner that fit each and every one of those needs…because I’m an all or nothing kind of girl so if it couldn’t check all the boxes on my list, it just wasn’t going to work. As my search went on, I noticed something…I could get a beautiful planning binder, but the inserts weren’t up to snuff; or, I could find the perfect inserts but I just couldn’t stand the binder. So I did what every control freak perfectionist does, I made my own.

 and that is how Prim & Parchment went from a dream in the back of my head to reality on paper.



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