We are not the same: A Change in direction.

It’s the truth, and that’s ok. What a boring place the world would be if we were all the same! I’ve been planner obsessed for as long as I can remember. I have memories as far back as elementary school of buying planners with birthday and Christmas money. I’ve said it before – it’s the only non living thing that I have a true passion for.  If I had to give a reason why I have such a strange obsession, I don’t think I could give a good one. Maybe it’s because I love paper…maybe because I like writing things by hand…maybe because no matter how chaotic things might seem, you can make it look neat, orderly and in control in your planner.

Though my love for paper planning systems runs deep, there has always been an elephant in my planner love room. No matter how much I loved my planner du jour, there was always something missing. A blank spot where it shouldn’t be, a box overfull because there wasn’t enough room, or a complicated “system” that I established to attempt to make the planner work just right for me. Which is exactly why I turned to making my own planner inserts. They are perfect. No blank spots or over flowing boxes. It’s just the right color and just the right size.

For Me. 

My inserts are perfect to me because I designed them specifically with myself in mind, and that is why they work. So why would I try to take something that works for me and sell it to you? That doesn’t seem right. That seems like I’m just doing what every other planner maker out there does; putting a price tag on a pretty product and sending out to the masses with nothing more than a “Thanks for buying – Good Luck!”

I’ve got a long line of rebel in me, I don’t like to follow the well beaten path, I don’t like to do something just because everyone else is and I’m a stubborn perfectionist that is prideful to a fault.

So I just can’t sell you these inserts.

Why? Because I don’t want my inserts to just end up in a box on your shelf along all the other inserts, and planners you have purchased in hopes of making them work to fit your needs.

If we are going to do something, it’s going to be done right, and that is why we are going to make a sharp left turn and change the direction of Prim & Parchment.

We will be making, 100% custom inserts for you to purchase. We will work with you to create the perfect insert for your planner. The perfect layout, perfect colors, printed to the perfect size, on the perfect paper, with the perfect amount of holes. a Perfect Prim Planner for YOU. 

I’m not trying to be the next Franklin Covey. I’m just a busy mom with a unique “gift” of organization and time management skills that I want to use to help others with. I don’t want to just ship off some inserts and say “good luck, see ya later!” I want you to feel empowered, and RELIEVED that you finally have something that works. Something that works well enough that you can quit spending all your time on planning how to plan and start taking action on your already mind numbingly long to do list.

So with all of that being said…stay tuned, the shop will still be opening this weekend, it will just look a little different than planned. And because I appreciate the love I have received from all of you about the inserts in my planner, I would like to share the printable version with you. These are designed to fit A5 sized paper, you might have to do some tinkering with your printer to get it all to line up just right, but they are free for the taking if you would like to add them to your current planner. Enjoy ❤

Prim 9.17.13 010

Enjoy ❤


3 thoughts on “We are not the same: A Change in direction.

  1. You are too kind! I have been printing a couple different ones I’ve found to see what works for me. I’m hoping these will and my fingers are still crossed to win your giveaway on instagram haha!

      • Oy! it’s a bit of a hassle to figure out front and back. The way I do it (which is probably not the easiest or most efficient but it was a fail proof way for me) I would print out the odd number pages and then flip them over and print out the even numbered pages on their back sides. Does that make sense? You really have to tinker with it a bit first to figure out how your printer works…with mine I had to turn the pages around then insert them in to the feeder tray right side up for it to print on the back side. I also used pages that were already cut down to size. Hope this helps…trial and error!!

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